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If you have looked around Tee Reviewer you probably know what I do here. I review t-shirts and t-shirt stores. I try to keep you up to date with sales, coupons and other special t-shirt related deals. I also talk about the t-shirt industry in general and sometimes comment on current topics…if they relate to t-shirts. You get it : t-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts…

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Tee Reviewer was born on December 9th, 2007 but didn’t really start walking until the beginning of March 2008. It used to go by a different name, the very generic “The T-Shirt Review”. Sometime in early to mid-2011 it became Rude Retro’s T-Shirt Review which was less generic but quite a mouthful.

It was hosted on a sub-domain of ruderetro.com because originally the idea of the blog was to promote t-shirts from that CafePress (and later Zazzle) store. As I blogged though my interest in t-shirts increased and more focus was put on the blog until the connection to the original ruderetro.com was tenuous at best.

I have long thought that this blog deserved its own domain but it takes quite a bit of work to move a website and my attention was elsewhere. In 2011 though, circumstances conspired to go give me more time to work on my websites and on December 18th, 2011 The T-Shirt Review was transferred to TeeReviewer.com.

About Me

I go by a few names on the internet. My first username was deadhippo. Here it is Rude Retro. My real name is Alan Watchorn. I’m Irish and have lived in Japan since 2001. If you want to know more about me you can read my personal blog at deadhippo.com. It’s not all that personal I guess but I do some of my thinking over there. I talk about WordPress, Google, running, Japan and more.

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  1. Alex Levin
    Alex Levin at | | Reply

    cool site Rude, love the honesty in your reviews — that’s why ppl bother to read your stuff. keep it up!

  2. ronald
    ronald at | | Reply

    Hi Alan,

    Nice review blog! Found it today and I’ll check it more regularly. Regards!

  3. yanmos
    yanmos at | | Reply

    Very nice review site, well done!

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