Babycakes Redux

Not that long ago I reviewed a couple of shirts that the kind folk over at Babycakes sent over and I admit that it wasn’t all that favorable a review. I thought that one of the shirts, the pink one, was one of the ugliest shirts I have ever seen. I didn’t phrase it quite like that but it could have been inferred. I guess the guys at Babycakes have a pretty good sense of humor as they decided to send me another batch of the almost the same shirts except this time in a large size (I mentioned that they were too small for me to model last time.) Well my opinion hasn’t really changed about these shirts but I will yet again concede that it might be just because they are designed for a generation younger than the one I belong to.

Rude Retro models pink Baby Cakes T-Shirt
Rude Retro models pink Baby Cakes T-Shirt

In the previous batch that Babycakes sent we received a black tee with a red and white version of their logo which I thought was cool enough except for the fact that I don’t really like advertising on my tees all that much but this time they sent out a large white tee with the official logo. Interesting move.

Babycakes Logo T-Shirt
Babycakes Logo T-Shirt

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  1. scarves
    scarves at | | Reply

    The first T shirt is too pinky for men.

  2. silkscarves
    silkscarves at | | Reply

    No, it is not. It is not “too pinky” for a men. Cool T shirt – that is all.

  3. ryan hearne
    ryan hearne at | | Reply

    the company is made of vain 17 year old long haired boys who want to get girls be dressing femine and the only girls it atracts is 13-15 yr olds…jail bait peedo company.

  4. roarrr
    roarrr at | | Reply

    well your ugly and fat so why were them? gaa i hate blogers an the like :/ fucking waist of the internet.
    no, i dont think it should all be porn, i know you trolls.
    but i mean, mate fuck off if you dont like the shirts dont were them?
    an know one cares what you think anymore then they care about what i think, and i dont go round bloging bout it :3 😛 well have a nice day.

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