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  1. a FORMER CP shopkeeper
    a FORMER CP shopkeeper at | | Reply

    Looks like cafepress took it the other way…it is not going to be a positive thing for existing shopkeepers!!

    cafepress has instead chosen to reduce the commission made by all shopkeepers since these new ones are willing to work for less!!!

    they are using these new shopkeepers to replace us!!!

  2. Teesed
    Teesed at | | Reply

    Tell me about Upsold, since I don’t read Japanese. 🙂 Is it a POD like CP? Are the designs there created by individual shopkeepers/designers in the same way as other PODs?

    1. a FORMER CP shopkeeper
      a FORMER CP shopkeeper at | | Reply

      UPSOLD is NOT a POD…they are a group of designers!!! they are using UPSOLD to replace the shopkeepers who are not willing to have their designs sold for only 10%

  3. azac
    azac at | | Reply

    Rude, I hope you find a decent POD based in Japan. I live in Canada and had been searching for a home based POD for the past 3 years. Finally, just by chance, I saw an ad for one last year in a Google adsense banner I installed on my own blog. Talk about targeted advertising. It had only been open for about 4 months when I joined. I really like it but it has a long way to go to catch up.

    Good luck to you.

  4. Teesed
    Teesed at | | Reply

    So, “former CP shopkeeper”, do you speak/read Japanese? This hysteria is unbecoming of so many people. There may be a reason for concern, but can we find out some facts first?

    Thanks RR, and please keep us informed.

  5. Teesed
    Teesed at | | Reply

    And the truth comes out…

    “Hi everyone,

    I wanted to clear up any confusion regarding Upsold. Our deal with them is strictly as an affiliate. The press release talks about uploading 1.4 million designs, and if they do this it will be done as a regular SK – as our deal with them is as an affiliate only.

    Please note:
    Upsold is an affiliate and we typically don’t allow links to other people’s affiliates or shops on the forums. But, I’ll leave their site up only to help clear any confusion in regards to their press release.


    Of course, that’s if Angela isn’t lying right to our faces!!! 😛

  6. cowpie
    cowpie at | | Reply

    If you believe that one, I’ve got 30 acres of land in the Everglades for sale.

  7. Patti
    Patti at | | Reply

    The truth comes out? Anyone that believes that what CP says is ‘truth’ has ‘truly’ got blinders on.

  8. Teesed
    Teesed at | | Reply

    Yeah, I believe it. I know the reaction I got when she saw it. And what have they said that isn’t “truth”? Have they lied to you? You have proof? I’m not talking about changing TOS’s. They never promised you a rose garden.

    Of course, this is a failed discussion altogether. You believe what you want. Just don’t start thinking your newfound business partners may not be making similar decisions down the line.

    1. cowpie
      cowpie at | | Reply

      It’s very sad, Teesed, that you constantly defend people who literally have their hands in your pockets. As far as the other business partners making similar decisions down the line, I believe most shopkeepers will again be searching for another POD where they will be treated fairly and honestly.

      1. Teesed
        Teesed at | | Reply

        cowpie, you, I and everyone else are all making assumptions about CP’s balance sheet and their margins in the MP. You make your assumptions based on what you know and I make mine based on what I know. But please don’t take the point of view that I’m defending them. It is what it is. If what they say is true, then for people to be calling them what they are and sending emails I know they’ve sent is more despicable than what they perceive CafePress to have done. If I were CP, I would terminate the relationship immediately with people who clearly don’t want to have one. To their credit, they haven’t done that.

        Feel free to post whatever you like, I think I’m done with this discussion as it has no point.

        1. cowpie
          cowpie at | | Reply

          You’re right, Teesed. This discussion has no point at all.

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