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  1. TeeHee
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    I agree I wish the area for print was bigger- but maybe that will come- the cool thing is that this is actual threads that are apparently printed over with the design- some new technology called InfiniStitch patent pending by Cafepress.
    The caps look cool though.

  2. Tim P
    Tim P at | | Reply

    I’ve seen this process in person, and the thing they don’t show in their product view is how poor the quality actually is. this isn’t embroidery, they’re printing onto a patch they’ve attached to the garment. that’s why the print area is so limited.

  3. TeeHee
    TeeHee at | | Reply

    CP is Driven by the Beast?
    There is some conversation going on among the Shopkeepers- that some of the templates for these new products revolve around the number of the Beast 666
    One Sk’er said in a post : ….”And those were from simple random chance totals…CP actually CHOSE 666 for their template size.”
    Food for thought LOL
    The New Ceramic Pet Bowls are 6.66″ x 2″ and the new InfiniStitch Embroidery templates are 3.33″ which is 666pixels.

  4. InfiniPRESS on a patch..
    InfiniPRESS on a patch.. at | | Reply

    Lol… notice how they InfiniStich part is smaller than the EMBROIDERY part of their logo? Totally trying to pass this off as embroidery… If anything the INFINISTICH part should be larger than the Embroidery part….

    Heck.. CafePress should just give up and call it InfiniPRESS….

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