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  1. Chris Gilmartin
    Chris Gilmartin at | | Reply

    these unnecessary arrests should be made at all!!! we are all supposed to be protected by freedom of speech. there is more dangerous crimes out there that aren’t being noticed enough. these fucking police focus on the non important subjects than crime itself!

    Being arrested for wearing a t-shirt by cradle of filth is not fair .

    the police/govt. are going against the bill of rights nationwide and it needs to stop!

    this is freedom of expression / 1st amendment

    this needs to put to an end. and fight once again for our freedom of expression and bring back the 1st amendment. one more thing ***

    *******HAIL CRADLE OF FILTH*******

    1. Gerrit
      Gerrit at | | Reply

      Man I think theres something wrong with U…enjoy the apocolypse as it will rise Jesus will come and
      take his children to Heaven…U can call me [number redacted] I’m Gerrit … give ame a little peace of you mind..!!!!

  2. Nemain LaRue
    Nemain LaRue at | | Reply

    Illegal immigrants get 3 million in funds to watch TV while families starve on our streets.
    People can tell me I’m a sinner because I have tattoos and piercings and I tell them to get lost and I’m the bad guy.
    Marijuana is illegal but alcohol isn’t even though the effects are roughly the same.
    Boys arrested for wearing a shirt saying fuck you to religion isn’t ok but telling a Satanist Satan is evil is fine.
    Ass backward world we live in huh? Its all about profit and image.
    CoF does this to fuck with people and they’re doing an awesome job at it.
    We live in a world ruled by the masses and the individuals are sinners.
    The only one that should be judging anyone isn’t a being on this earth. If you truly believed in Jesus you would smile and laugh because you would say hey Jesus is going to fuck you up in the after life.
    But since he doesn’t exist we don’t have to worry about it.

    1. Gerrit
      Gerrit at | | Reply

      Thank you and yeah Jesus is the one Judging us thanx I appreciate it I’m Gerrit…

  3. kerry
    kerry at | | Reply

    i don’t think the child should of been arrested… i would of made him wear the t-shirt inside out, contacted his parents and requested they either bring in another shirt for him to wear or take him home for the day… think it is a bit extream to call police, police have better things to do than this….

  4. Gerrit
    Gerrit at | | Reply

    I thought cradle of filth’s music is really awesome…!!! But I thought wrong … it is
    an satanic band and I me myself WILL NEVER SAY “JESUS IS A CUNT”…That’s
    really irresponsible and wrong…..if they were rightt they would enjoy Heaven Hell
    is not to enjoy…U BURN WITH NO END…Jesus is the alfa and the omega…Jesus
    died for cradle of filth and us it is not right to say bad stuff about Jesus … And Jesus
    will send them straight to HELL…!!! >>> [name and address redacted] …..>>>

  5. Gerrit
    Gerrit at | | Reply

    And in my mind I will kill the guy who wears bthat shirt and so what if I’m 14 … i like the music
    U say anything ’bout Christ bad infront of me I would hurt you personlly…!!!

  6. Gerrit
    Gerrit at | | Reply

    Sorry man but seriously … I’m 14 and yeah people don’t talk like that about Christ…I apologise…Jammer

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