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    have used Zazzle for years, spent thousands of dollars on their products, and designed thousands of products. The concept is great, and I continue to use them because they have great design features that their competitors lack. Problems generally arise when they make any programming changes. If you let them know about the error, they generally deny it. I recently contacted them concerning errors in commissions, and the reply I got contained the following:
    “SO the difference between 63.24 and 48.91 is the magical number you were inquiring about: $7.86″
    I did not care for the employee’s sarcasm – especially when it is apparent that he can not do subtraction at the fifth grade level! Programing changes are not tested enough before going “live,” and they are not resolved in a timely manner as a result of denial. I do not have a problem with the idea behind Zazzle and have very rarely had a problem with the quality of the products. Delivery is GENERALLY as promised, and it is apparent that they at least make a good faith effort although there is an occasional delay. Handling of complaints and testing of programming changes are two areas that could use definate improvement.

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