Girlfriends are like totally gay dude!

This new tee from Busted Tees will set you back just $16.99 and it is a cool enough t-shirt but to be honest the real reason I am posting it is because either these tees are sheer or this Busted Tees model has fantastic nipples. I’m sure this might be construed as a sexist comment or even derogatory but it shouldn’t as it is just an observation. I think that nipples are more acceptable in western culture than here in Japan as I rarely see nipples bursting through tees. Perhaps the bras are different or maybe it’s because layers are so popular here.

Girlfriends are Gay T-Shirts
Girlfriends are Gay T-Shirt from Busted Tees

See below for some more nipple action from one of the hot Busted Tees models.

Serious nipple action at Busted Tees
Serious nipple action at Busted Tees

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