Guerrilla Tees T-Shirt Review

Guerrilla Tees T-Shirt Review

Guerrilla Tees is a Screen Printing Company based in Rochester, NY. I ripped that from their About page. You can upload your designs and they will print them for you. For a fee, of course. They have no minimums.

No job is too big or too small. We work with customers of all sizes. Whether it’s a few shirts for your softball team or 1,000’s of pieces for a corporate event. We have the equipment and know how to assure quality prints, delivered on time.

They also have a catalog of t-shirts that they sell from their online store. Today’s review will be one of those t-shirts.

Guerrilla Tees T-Shirt Review

Floki's Shipyard T-Shirt
Floki’s Shipyard T-Shirt

The t-shirt is a navy 100% cotton Next Level t-shirt in a medium. It is very light and the cotton is very soft. Quite appropriate for the hot and humid climate where I reside. I like Next Level tees. They are slightly baggier than standard American Apparel t-shirts. The original tags are on the t-shirt so we know that it was manufactured in Nicaragua.

The print itself is one color and slightly grungy looking so it is very difficult for me to judge the quality. The white print on the dark shirt is vivid enough though so I have no complaints and as the design doesn’t use so much ink (plastisol is my guess) it is soft.

The simple one color design looks a bit like a vintage label or logo. I think that’s the look they were going for with this design. There is a simple depiction of a pirate ship along with the text, FLOKI’S ship yard SCANDINAVIA. I haven’t seen the TV show, Vikings, yet but I was able to guess that this design was inspired by the show. Indeed, a quick Google told me that Floki is a character from the show.

Guerilla Tees Hangtag
Guerilla Tees Hangtag With Grunge Logo

Simple designs usually make a tee wearable and this shirt is no exception but as I said above, this t-shirt looks a bit like a vintage label or logo and generically so. So unless people have watched they TV show, the t-shirt will more than likely not make an impression or be a conversation piece. Unless of course you bring it up yourself and that’s just weird. The tee is wearable, but it’s just not special. I haven’t seen many Vikings inspired t-shirts but even if I was a big fan, I can’t honestly see myself buying this one.

Branding and Extras

Guerilla Tees Gorilla
Guerilla Tees Gorilla logo

The only branding on the t-shirt itself is the Next Level tags. There is a simple but nice hangtag though. It has the Guerrilla Tees logos, of which there may be three. One being the Guerrilla Tees text with some splatter to give it a distressed look or street vibe. Another is the letter G, in the midst of some more splatters and finally there is the Guerrilla Tees baseball cap wearing gorilla. I’m guessing they know that Guerrilla doesn’t mean gorilla but went with it anyway. The mailer also had the text logos and splatters.

Guerilla Tees mailer
Guerilla Tees mailer


Guerrilla Tees was established in 2008, but the website somehow looks even older than that. I’m guessing the design has never been updated. The site may be dated but it is very easy to navigate and easy to understand. They have kept it simple. Some things look like they should be links but aren’t. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not.

Guerrilla Tees Website
Guerrilla Tees Website

Numbers-wise they have a decent selection but the truth is, nothing stands out. I’m not sure if this is the designs’ fault or simply the presentation.


The tees seemed to be uniformly priced at $19.95 which is OK, but they are on sale at the moment for just $10.99 which is a pretty good deal.


Guerrilla Tees use a nice blank for the shirt (Next Level) and while I have no complaints about the quality of the print, the design is too simple to enable me to judge Guerrilla Tees skill in this area. I do think it’s a little strange that a screenprinting company chose such a simple design as a showcase for their work. If it were me, I would be sending shirts that really highlighted my capabilities. It’s also time to modernize the website. Non-responsive sites are already being shunned by Google!

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