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  1. Eric
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    Loiter is sort of like a garbage bin full of designs that have lost at the other t-shirt competition sites. They started doing that with Lucky Threads, but changed the name when Tom Burns bought Lucky Threads.

    Now he pretty much owns everything that is up there. His conditions for entering his contest are shady.

  2. Eric
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  3. fivealive
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    Shady? Tom bought Lucky Threadz? What? Apparently my friend you estimation of the facts is anything but factual. Loiter has indeed opened their business model to a community platform and under Lucky Threadz, they did indeed offer some stuff that didn’t win at other competition sites…but who cares – it’s all good stuff!!! Not one of their shirts is the clip-art crap based on Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell movies that about 90% of the companies out there all sell the same of.

    Regarding the submission agreement, what could you possibly find shady about it? It clearly protects both parties and has been written to offer what I honestly think is a far more fair compensation to the artists. If Threadless has paid out 20% of any and all sales of their products for life, their more popular artists would have received exponenetially more than the standard one-time payout. I’ve had two of my products put into production by Loiter and I’ve never had so much as a late payment or any other problem…you can login to your account to see real-time reporting of how much you’re earning! How is that shady???

    Also, Tom didn’t buy Lucky Threadz. I’m quite sure the guys from that company offered him to become their business partner when they decided to change over to Loiter. Smart move – Tom is obviously a badass and perhaps the fact that he decided to move to a 20% for life payout instead of a one time cash payout might serve as testimony to the legitimacy of Loiter’s plan to pay artists more fairly. Que no?

    Not to mention the fact that anybody has the chance to earn $1,000 PLUS the 20% for life payout…to me, that sounds like a win win. Whatever – you be the judge.

  4. kasey
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    The submission agreement seems fair to me? I have a design that I submitted to Loiter, it was voted on and received a bunch of comments and I guess I was popular enough b/c Loiter now offers it for sale. I get paid every month and it seems to work really smooth.

    What do you find shady about the Submission Agreement? Have you ever dealt with Loiter?

    Seem like a good bunch of people to me.

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