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I am the Tee Reviewer. I go by several names such as deadhippo and Rude Retro but whatever you decide to call me, I will still be the Tee Reviewer. I also run the Shirt List which has the most and the best t-shirt lists as well as providing free promotion for t-shirt stores! Check it out.

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  1. Hubert Humphrey
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    Yeah – when you have a good idea the best thing to do is sell out completely and ruin the legacy. Just don’t watch them or buy the products or see the McDonald’s Happy Meal commercials or in fact acknowledge any of the endless marketing that will accompany the new franchises. Simples. Role on Casablanca 2 set in a near future with good looking adolescent vampires suffering body angst…

  2. Hubert Humphrey
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    That’s a fair point. I am working on the assumption the second trilogy was an epic fail. If you grant that though I am not sure the newbies’ inadequacies add to the enjoyment people get from the originals – for example the skin tearing horror of ‘Hey Jude’ in no way improves my experience of ‘A Day in the Life’. I would sooner it just didn’t exist – like malaria or the new Thundercats cartoon.

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