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  1. Kalliope Moskos
    Kalliope Moskos at | | Reply


    I donated $30.00 to the Obama campaign about a month ago and never received my t-shirt. I am willing to let it go because it wasn’t the reason I donated, but I was wondering if there was a back order or something.

    Thank you.

    1. KL
      KL at | | Reply

      The same day I posted a comment that I had not gotten my t-shirts, they came!! Looks like everyone just has to be patient.

  2. Karen
    Karen at | | Reply

    I also went to the official Obama website and donated 60.00 and was supposed to receive 2 Victory T-shirts. I have yet to receive them. If anyone knows how to get in touch with someone, I would appreciate the information.

  3. tammy
    tammy at | | Reply

    My husband donated close to $2000.00 and never received his tee shirt ,and then we ordered the Obama coins and are having a problem getting them, after making the order on the 11 of november . Thats not a good start to me…

  4. Andrea B
    Andrea B at | | Reply

    I also donated $30 back in Nov. 5th and no t-shirt yet…

  5. Patricia  G, Houston, TX
    Patricia G, Houston, TX at | | Reply

    I made my donation of $30.00 on November 6, 2008. On November 7, 2008 the funds were pending on my account. On November 10, 2008 the funds were taken out. I have called the DNC late December and spoke with a young man who said to give it 2 weeks. I gave it 3 weeks so I then called the telephone number listed on bank statement 202-863-8000 and was transferred to a Molly? I have since left over 6 messages and have yet to receive a call back or the shirt. I was assured it would arrive prior to the inauguration. I feel kind of duped. I certainly hope this is not the case. It is clear that the promise was to receive the shirt for the $30.00 donation. I support the DNC and OBAMA! I expect the shirt as promised. Any other advice on how to get through to speak with a real person would be greatly appreciated. $30.00 is a lot for me right now considering I am one of the many Americans seeking emplooyment. But as a proud American I support the cause and believe in shoiwing my support and my vote. Not just talk.

  6. steph
    steph at | | Reply

    I ordered the victory shirt on Nov. 22 as a Christmas present for my boyfriend. It’s January 19 and it’s not here. $30 is a lot of money to me right now and I’m really upset that the shirt has not come. I don’t think Obama would like this very much!

  7. Brian
    Brian at | | Reply

    I orderd the victory shirt yesterday…Now i read this im a little worried that I will not get that shirt! The reason I donated (again!) was to get that tshirt. Did anyone who posted a comment here that he didnt get a shirt, got it now?
    Please let me know!! Thank you

  8. Andrea B
    Andrea B at | | Reply

    I called the DNC last week 1/14, they told me they did not expect such a huge response and that they are backed up. She also said it would be another 3 weeks before I receive the shirt. :/

    1. Billy
      Billy at | | Reply

      Good to hear. It took a while to get the others so I wasn’t too concerned.

      Neat site.

      1. Brian
        Brian at | | Reply

        Thank you Andrea B,

        So if im corrected everybody is going to get his/her 2008 victory T-shirt, but its just going to take a while?
        And when did you order (made your donation) your shirt?

  9. Andrea B
    Andrea B at | | Reply

    You’re welcome Brian, I donated on Nov. 5th. It’s been way longer than the 4-6 weeks they told me originally. I imagine they are way backed up. To be honest, I don’t mind waiting as long as I receive it as some point. I’ll post again once I receive it…or in 3 weeks…whichever comes first

    1. Brian
      Brian at | | Reply

      Thanks again!

      Wow you waited for a long while already!!!
      I hope I will get it in 4 months because i will be moving to a diffrent place then.
      What number did you called, so i can call them if i wont receive it later on?

  10. Andrea B
    Andrea B at | | Reply

    No problem! The number I called is 1-877-336-7200.

  11. paintedrainbow
    paintedrainbow at | | Reply

    I donated $60 on Nov. 4, the second I heard that Obama had won. I didn’t receive the shirt for a couple weeks, but at the time I had figured that there were probably many people who donated, and I’d have to be patient.

    On Dec. 4, I sent them an email asking about my shirt, and they said they shipped in bulk and it would take longer than usual.

    On Jan. 14, I sent them pretty much the same email, but they sent exactly the same email I received in December.

    It’s Jan. 20, and I haven’t gotten the shirt yet, but hopefully i’ll get it soon. (Thanks, Andrea!)

    I now know that my order didn’t get lost somewhere, but I thought I’d post this to let everyone know that if they order now, you’ll have to be very, very patient…and don’t expect great customer service (if via email).

  12. Brian
    Brian at | | Reply

    Any news yet?? I still don’t have it 🙁

  13. Andrea B
    Andrea B at | | Reply

    So weird! I was literally on the phone with DNC. Well..they are telling me the last Victory T-shirts were shipped out Dec. 19th. He says I still need to wait one more week before he can send an E-mail to the chairman to request a follow-up..blah blah.. So I’ll be calling them back next Friday and see what they say. Hopefully I’ll have some good news before then!

  14. Brian
    Brian at | | Reply

    Wow thats pretty weird…Why are they still promoting that t-shirt on the website when they already had there last shipping on Dec 19th? I orderd my t-shirt after Dec 19th, so that means I just don’t get a shirt? wooww

  15. Andrea B
    Andrea B at | | Reply

    I think you should definitely give them a call. I am sure they wouldn’t keep promoting it if they did not plan on making another shipment. I really doubt it would take 6 weeks for my shirt to come in the mail anyways. I’ve received packages from France in 3 weeks by regular mail.

  16. SS
    SS at | | Reply

    Wow – glad I’m not the only one who’s experiencing this. I donated back on Nov 2nd and was supposed to receive the Change the World t-shirt. Funds came out that day. I just called again today – Jan 30th for the fifth time. Here is what they have said for the last three calls … my issue will be escalated to a supervisor and I will receive a follow-up call within the next 3 business days. I have yet to receive a follow-up call. The second time I called in late December – they said that there were t-shirt shipments that went out but I wasn’t lucky enough to receive one of those.

    I was sufficiently upset to be told the same thing again today that i asked to speak to a supervisor right then and was told “she was out to lunch”. Still waiting for her to call me back. This does sour me on future donations …

    I’ll post back when (if) I ever get that t-shirt …

  17. Brian
    Brian at | | Reply

    Did anyone receive there t-shirt? I dint receive mine (yet)…

    1. Candice
      Candice at | | Reply

      I haven’t received mine either…I ordered mine on November 2nd! Anyone know what’s up?

  18. Andrea B
    Andrea B at | | Reply

    Not yet….planning on calling them yet again sometime this week…

  19. SS
    SS at | | Reply

    Good news! I received my t-shirt this week. I ordered it on Nov 2nd – and received it Feb. 16. So more than three months later …

  20. Brian
    Brian at | | Reply

    Sweet Andrea!!! How is it? You think you got the shirt because you kept calling them?

    1. SS
      SS at | | Reply

      Brian – I think you’re talking to me right? It may have helped – see my entry from Jan 31st – the supervisor who was out to lunch – did actually call me back later that day and was very nice. She didn’t say anything different other than apologizing for the wait.

      I think calling may have helped – I certainly was on their radar – and increasingly getting persistent and annoying – so maybe they wanted me to stop calling :).

    2. Andrea B
      Andrea B at | | Reply

      Yes, it wasn’t me 🙁 I wish.

      It’s been so crazy at work haven’t had time to think about the shirt. I will call them tomorrow, though. SS is right, I think calling them a lot would probably help. Good luck to all of us who haven’t received their shirts, Monday is my birthday..wouldn’t it be a nice b-day surprise to get it?

  21. Juanita, Peachtree City, GA
    Juanita, Peachtree City, GA at | | Reply

    I made a donation on Nov 6th of $30 and was even requested to supply my tshirt size. I have received nothing to date. I call every three weeks ( 1-877-336-7200), and was advised that there was an overwhelming request for the tshirts and they are having difficulty keeping up with the demand. I was further advised that a supervisor would call me back to follow-up. I received several apologies and was told to continue to be patient and that I would receive my tshirt shortly. It has been at least a month since my last call and I still have not received a phone call or the tshirt. If they had asked me to make a donation w/o the expectations of receiving a tshirt, I would have. The fact that a tshirt was offered when making a donation of $30 and not to receive anything, is very disappointing. This of course has no affect on how I feel about my decision to vote for Barack Obama. Congratulations President Barack Obama!

  22. Brian
    Brian at | | Reply

    I got my t-shirt today!!!!! yeah!!

    The t-shirt looks way darker then on the pics, but that doesnt matter haha

    did any of you guys get it yet?

  23. Andrea B
    Andrea B at | | Reply

    Got mine on Saturday!!! I was on vacation while it came but what a nice b-day surprise it was this morning! 🙂

  24. Juanita A
    Juanita A at | | Reply

    I never received my Obama T-shirt and I made a donation of $60.00. I cared about who became our next President, but I also wanted my t-shirt. I have made posts to various forums where others have experienced non-receipt of their t-shirts as well. I am very disappointed not to receive my t-shirt. Although I voted for President Obama, I would think his campaign would have made sure Obamas supporters would have received their purchases.

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