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I am the Tee Reviewer. I go by several names such as deadhippo and Rude Retro but whatever you decide to call me, I will still be the Tee Reviewer. I also run the Shirt List which has the most and the best t-shirt lists as well as providing free promotion for t-shirt stores! Check it out.

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  1. T-shirts affiliate
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    I am an affiliate Wordans and after having tested several affiliate programs, I find that c is wordans gives me the best rate of conversion

  2. T-shirts affiliate
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    I’m not surprised! I also had a hard time getting paid but I do not let him choose. I am SEO and visibility of my french websites is very strong in Quebec and if I’m angry I can hurt them. 1 of 3 Quebecers will fall on my sites before buying on their sites. I can make them a very bad publicity if not he pays me. I just wanted to try to link Sorry ! It goes well with Zazzle?

    1. amjad
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      hi, i wana start my own t-shirts business. can any one tell me from where i can get plain tees in bulk…at some good rates but with a really good quality

      plz tell me

  3. Order#
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    This is probably the worst service and product I have ever got.
    The t-shirts prints were grainy and really bad quality, after complaining a few times I received a phone call from a rep that was extremely sarcastic and he kept talking about how many t-shirts they print in a day, so my 10 t-shirt order was too small for this big company.
    It didn’t stop there, the rep said they were going to print new t-shirts and send it to me… I never heard back from them!
    If I knew Wordan was going to provide this kind of service I would’ve flushed my money down on the toilet…it is the same result!

    1. Wordans Team
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      Hi dear customer,

      The service you received from our customer service is very unusual and I must say this is not the kind of printing quality we provide to our clients. Our policy is to re-print or give a store credit for the value of the item when a t-shirt is not maid properly. If you still have pictures of this shirt, it will be a pleasure to send it to you and honore your order on Wordans.

      If you have any question, please reach our free customer service phone number: 1-877-286-2440

      Kind regards,

      Wordans team

      1. Chris
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        I have had the exact same experience as u! Wordans customer service is appalling. I ordered a couple of shirts and received them within 3 weeks only to find they were completely wrong. Since then i have hassled them for 5 months trying to get them reprinted or my money back. Everyone i spoke to claimed to be managers but none of them gave a crap! One week i was told they were printed and shipped off but the next week they were in production?!?! I am yet to receive them and they won’t give me credit or money back! Wordans is an absolute disgrace. Hopefully people read these posts and steer clear!

    2. Lisa
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      My father purchased a shirt through them to with minimal wear and following washing instructions the print has come off big time now he has t shirts that he wears all the time and there not as bad as this even some he has had for years and you can tell by the way the character is chipping off the product that its just cheap crap they offered him a discount for a future crappy product instead of doing the right thing and at minimal offering him a replacement or his money back there products are crap and there customer service is horrendous!

  4. Travis
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    I have been using wordans for their blank apparel for some time. the last order i did was supposed to be sent rush and arrive within the week. i called after 7 days to see where it was to find out it had not been shipped. The then shipped the order without two of the pieces saying they were not in stock, when the web site said that they were. They refused to refund me for this missing pieces and would not let me talk to anyone in management. Thankfully the nice people at VISA reimbursed me and went after the company.

    Do not use these guys, they can’t be trusted.

    1. Wordans Team
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      Hi Travis,

      I’m happy to know you are a regular customer on and we always tend to offer the best service possible in the requested delays, according to the variation of stocks from the suppliers. We are dealing with several companies to offer a huge variety of garments to the customers and the back orders, unfortunately, can be sometimes very inconvenient I agree.

      For that reason, the customer agents are always here to help you following up the status of your order and find the best solutions in case of a replacement in the garments.

      For any comment or question, please feel free to reach our customer line at: 1-877-286-2440

      Kind regards,

      Wordans Team

      1. K Lie
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        Wordans is a lousy retailer. I ordered a custom t-shirt:

        – I did not receive an email confirmation with an order no.
        – The T-shirt order was wrong
        – I sent them an email about the wrong order and never heard back.

        I do not recommend them. Unreliable and terrible customer service. Go elsewhere.

  5. Carolyn
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    Don’t order here. Don’t give them your credit card number. Had one of the worst experiences with a retailer I’ause you ve ever had here. They couldn’t deliver my order for an event and took my money anyway. When I called (immediately) to confirm they could make the date I wanted they indicated they couldn’t and would not let me cancel the order! They hadn’t even printed the t-shirts yet. They made no effort to work with me on any kind of reasonable resolution. Enjoy my $300 guys because you lost all of my future business and that of anyone I know. Hope it was worth it.

  6. NK
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    I chose to order from Wordans based on their priority rush delivery (1-2 business days) and yet 4 business days later and my tshirts had not arrived. To make matters worse, they did not call me to explain the delay – I had to call them repeatedly and find out the status of my order. It got to the point where our event came and went, and we were all tshirt-less.

    After all this, Wordans tells me they can only refund my money via Paypal and not Visa. They had initially charged my Visa, why can’t they refund back on to it? Eventually I had to go through my credit card company and file a formal complaint. 4 weeks later and Visa finally refunded my money, but I have yet to hear back from Wordans!

    All in all, a horrible experience with a horrible company that has horrible customer service. Stay away!

  7. Marie
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    What a horrible experience!
    I ordered a wall decal from them back on March 24th. When the order was confirmed it advised (although the site said it was in stock) that it could take as long as 1 month to be shipped. So fine, I let a while go by before worrying about it. April 13th I got a general email offering a discount on a future purchase due to the delay. At this point I’m thinking, “why would I buy anything else from this company”. May 2nd, still not received so I contacted Wordans asking what was going on. I didn’t hear back from them so on May 26th I called and spoke to Hans who agreed to cancel my order and under the circumstance provide me with a full refund by cheque. So fine, I’m expecting a cheque to come. On June 16th I call to confirm that they have issued the cheque and sent it. I spoke to Reda this time says that the order has been shipped. To say the least I am pissed because I was expecting my money back. Reda was supposed to have Hans call me back… but nope haven’t heard back from him. UPS shows that the wall decal will be delivered to me by Monday. Okay, so finally I get the sticker, but almost 3 months later. Absolutely ridiculous, especially after I was under the impression I was going to receive a refund. I don’t recommend using this company. There are lots of other companies that sell wall decal, so by all means, keep on searching if you were considering them!!!

    1. Wordans Team
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      Hi Marie,

      We are sorry for the situation you have been put trough and it’s not the kind of service we tend to offer to our customers. We would be happy to count you amongst our satisfied customers and for this reason we will take a look in your case and verify if anything could be re-done properly.

      The whole situation concerning the wall decals is very unfortunate I have to admit and it was hard to manage in terms of specific delays with the customers. We must thank you for your kind patience and the situation has been now fixed, changing for a different supplier.

      We would be pleased to hear your comments or suggestions, you can reach our free customer service line: 1-877-286-2440

      Kind regards,

      Wordans Team

  8. Matthew
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    I am an affiliate and every time I request a payment it takes at least 3 weeks and at least 1 phone call. I have to admit the commissions are decent but they are not very committed to keeping their affiliates happy.

    1. Wordans Team
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      Hello Matthew,

      Thank you for your patience and construtive criticism and please accept our sincere apology for the inconveniences.

      Thanks to your comments we will be able to spot the difficulties our affiliate managers encounter when trying to meet affiliates demands.

      You probably already know that has improved quite a lot during the past year. However, we are aware of the distance existing for a top grade Affiliate service.
      That is your story is important to us as it characterizes trends we have to erease.

      We hope that you will be able to witness dramatic changes in the way our team answers the issues of affiliates.

      Once again thank you.


  9. Ivan Gomez
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    I ordered a deadmau5 t shirt from wordans on September the 9th and Im still waiting for my tshirt (its been over 2 weeks) absurd when I payed the extra $20 they ask for rush time and the concert came i didn’t get my tshirt and Im still waiting for it! I emailed their costumer service to no reply back and when they do and I open the email its blank it has nothing in it. Then i tried endless times to call them 1 877 2862440 nobody ever answers this is pathetic I feel like this website is a fraud. I would like to get my money back and they are more than welcome to keep the t shirt back i don’t want it. I could’ve picked another website yet i gave this guys a try and i can honestly say its not worth it.

    1. Wordans Team
      Wordans Team at | | Reply

      Hello Ivan,

      First of all we are trully sorry to hear that our company has caused you so much trouble.

      Since then, Wordans has worked hard in order to be able to give its customers high end services.

      Concretely, we have been able to produce and sometime ship t-shirts within 24hrs, our company has also removed all the products and preferred local suppliers in order to shorten the turnaround, shorten the delay to reply to the customers e-mail, reworking processes in order to assure a much better follow up of your orders.
      As of today, our company is moving as one block in order to be able to give you both printing quality and the best customization service.

      Lastly, we want to thank you for at least trying our services and helping us improve in the field we love.

  10. M.Goodman
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    Wordans works for me… yeah but the payment is still an issue. =(

  11. mira- belle
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    I placed one order. It came on time, the print was nice but the “L” shirts were actually “XS”. It was obvious that they were mislabeled. It was an Allstyle t-shirt for women. The service is ok so far, much better than Spreadshirt (probably the worst company, they even tried to make money with a school shooting by pointing out that the murderer was wearing a shirt made by Spreadshirt. Nice).
    Let’s see. I’ve opened a shop and I hope sales will be satisfatory.

  12. DaveK
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    What a lousy company to deal with. Once they have your money they couldn’t care less if you are satisfied. I may be a small customer but I spent over 200.00 for a simple order because they were the company that promised that I could have it in a couple days if I paid an extra 35.00 for express shipping. They sent it on time but all the wrong sizes and completely useless. I had told them I needed it for a weekend event and that if it wasn’t on time I did not want the order. When they sent it wrong it was the day of the event and no time for a re-order. I told them I wanted a refund and they ignored me and instead just emailed to say I’d have the new shirts in a week. Great! 200.00 of shirts for an event that’s already over! They ignored when I emailed again, I am so looking forward to getting the new shirts next week. They’ll make great paint rags.

    1. Wordans Team
      Wordans Team at | | Reply

      Hello Davek,

      Please accept our excuses for the trouble our company may have put you through.
      As we were still in the phase of setting we unfortunately brang harm to the level of service we are trying to offer.

      Please accept the following coupon code of the value of $20.


  13. Sprout
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    I don’t normally leave reviews for anything, however because my dealings with Wordan’s were so horrible and I found this review on them I had to comment.

    We placed an order 3 weeks before needing the shirts for an event. Over the next 3 weeks and about a dozen phone calls and upgrading to overnight shipping the shirts arrived the day after the race. Thanks guys! Even though they promised me over and over (after I wanted to cancel the order) that they would be there on time. Many phone calls and emails later a refund was promised but never given. I luckily had paid with paypal and was able to make a claim for the shirts but was out the $40 for express shipping. On top of all of this the printing was horrible and there was one shirt that arrived with nothing on it. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t make my team have wear these awful shirts anyway!

  14. Marie
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    I wanted to have customized stickers with our band logo on them and found Wordans to be a good supplier for custom stickers. On their website they offer customized stickers from small (1.0”) to big (8.0”) and you can buy just the quantity you need. That was the thing that really made me consider Wordans. I had gone to a local shop and they told me the minimum order was $100!

    It was pretty easy to upload the logo and set the format and size. So far you cannot choose from different printing methods (competitors that are more expensive offer glossy or dull stickers, or those usable only for indoors or outdoors), but since the price and shipping conditions (in 48h printing & shipping) seemed reasonable, I stuck to Wordans. My order included one multicoloured sticker print in three different sizes and like they promised I got the delivery a few days after I ordered. The quality of the print seemed good, Wordans got all sizes and amounts right, and after a first outdoor and indoor test the stickers still looked like they were freshly printed. All in all I was very surprised by the quality and price they offered for stickers at Wordans. I would definitely choose this company again for sticker printing.

  15. Bryan
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    I absolutely love Wordans! Anything I want I can have. I create funny political t-shirts for my friends – and they are customized exactly to their interests. It’s not just t-shirts though. You can customize hoodies, stickers, posters, wall murals, canvas and more! Plus, you can share your designs on Wordans’ website or even create your own affiliate online shop with Wordans and let others buy your designs. An easy way to make money while just having a creative moment. Of course, you don’t have to be creative because there are plenty of great designs available already. How easy is that? Just follow the links and there is a huge selection! Thanks Wordans for making this possible for any consumer with internet access and a credit card.

  16. Valerie
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    I placed my original order with Wordan’s on Jan. 31, 2012. After several weeks I had to call to see if the order was shipped, it wasn’t. When I finally received the order the latter part of February, the size was incorrect and the wording was a complete mess. I sent two emails requesting permission to return the items. They finally answered my emails on Feb 27th in which they argued with me that I ordered the incorrect size and offered a 15% discount on my next order with them. They refused to give my money back and said they would give me store credit.

    I am an honest person, I returned the original order to them and placed another order in good faith, on March 09th. I was dealing with Francois, he was helping me out, I seriously thought I was getting my order. On March 22nd, Francois sent me an email (after I sent him one wondering where my order was) stating my order was shipped and promised that I would receive it no later than March 26th. I have sent several emails requesting a tracking number for my order. On April 03rd, I was told there was no tracking number which makes me believe they did not even bother to send my order to me. If I was the retailer with an unhappy client, I would certainly want to track the order to ensure that person received it promptly.

    It is now May 04th and I am still waiting for my order. All of my emails to Wordan’s have been ignored so I have contacted Visa and hopefully I will get my money back.

    Please people, do your research before handing over your credit card to just anyone online, I’ve learned the hard way and trust me it will never happen again. If you don’t trust the people who have made comments on this website, look up Wordan’s on Better Business Bureau.

  17. Unsatisfied
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    Posted awhile back about a complaint looks like it was deleted or i cant find it was promised a replacement and that has yet to happen contacted them to call them on this and still no resolution now they are making up excuses to not send out a replacement this company is just horrible so they do apologize in public eye to make themselves look good but when it comes to replacing they just dont even bother and when they have been called on it they will find an excuse to not do it lazy horrible business and horrific customer service.

  18. Ted McBee
    Ted McBee at | | Reply

    New to the world of POD and really wanting to get into it, wanting to get some of my design’s out there. Looking to get an idea on the top 3-5 services out there, and if you had to start all over again, who would be your top 3 pick’s. Wanting to get started with the fewest headaces possible.

  19. Dennis
    Dennis at | | Reply

    I used Wordans on the recommendation of a friend to order some blank apparel. As stated in one of the posts, the online ordering system has items posted in stock but the reality will be another. The so called in ‘stock’ items aren’t really in their stock supply but at another distributors.

    I placed my order and received an email saying that the items will be shipped out when the order is processed. After a couple of days I had yet to receive an email confirming shipment or a ‘processed’ order. It took several emails and phone calls to get an answer as to what was happening with my order only to find out it was still pending as an order and not yet being shipped out. They never sent out an email saying there was a delay and when I asked for a refund they said they would have to call me back about that. They just gave excuses and more excuses. Eventually the manager called me back and gave me a refund but it was like pulling teeth.

    I do volunteer work for charities, small community fund raisers, small sport teams, etc. and hate it when companies like this take advantage of the small guys.

    Wordans cannot be trusted.

  20. Mike Revoire
    Mike Revoire at | | Reply

    I ordered t-shirts from Wordan’s and paid for it only to find that what they say about having the stock on the site is actually not true. After saying they have product and a lot of it!! now they tell me that they do not have it and I can’t get my money back.. (See the terms that no one reads.) I have to buy something else instead.. I don’t want to deal with them any more as what is on the website is not true. I got ripped off for $490.00. They must make so much money taking people’s money and having no way of returning the money. They force you buy some thing that you do not want.. Wordan’s is ripping people off. It is like theft. But they put a nice spin on it.. I don’t understand how they stay in business. How can they keep your money and not have to give it back if they have a problem?? DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. I have found a company called the custom t-shirt factory that has better service and designs that you can create. and you don’t have to pay until you see a proof and they have the stock and everything is ready to ship..

  21. Etienne Champagne
    Etienne Champagne at | | Reply

    From my point of view, I think wordans is really great cause I own a boutique and most of my clients are in canada and usa. Wordans produce it really quick and since 1 year and something I earn like 3,500$! I never received complains by my buyers so I guess they always received it on time… take a look at my boutique, I recommand you to give it a try!

    Have a nice day y’all!

  22. Swor
    Swor at | | Reply

    He spent $200, you offer him $20.
    I was going to risk it, but no you guys have lost me before you even start.

  23. Tinker Place
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    This company is awful. I opened a store with them a year ago, They never get back to your emails but thought they are young give them a try. So I made hundreds of products and everyone was approved for the marketplace and I was selling. Last month all put one or two were set as not approved as if never submitted so contacted them. After 5 emails posts to facebook got a reply that it was fixed and it was. Then after a month again they were all not approved. After again many emails got a email today (two weeks later) that not all products are approved for the marketplace we select what we feel will sell. ??? What?? These were already approved and were selling. So in other words 98 percent of what I made is not worthy of their marketplace. I have 13 other POD’s that I sell my art. Never ever have I seen something like this after you were approved or denying all of your designs. I sell surfing, and support art, and have no idea what this company is doing but highly suggest going elsewhere as they will puil the rug out from underneath you and also never pay on time and you cannot get a hold of customer support.

  24. kristine h
    kristine h at | | Reply

    DEAR PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT order from them. We are from British Columbia and it was a WASTE OF TIME trying to deal with them. They are the WORST place to buy shirts from. I am not just angry I have good reason. They promised to have our shirts done in time for our youth camp but 1. They didn’t finish making the shirts two days before the youth camp 2. They said that they would send it over night when we asked them why it wasn’t done but they sent it standard which would have gotten to us 3 days into our camp. 3. When they sent it, they didn’t put an address but put billings please instead so FedEx had to send it back to them and then they had to send it back to us allowing us to receive it 2 weeks after our youth camp. (WHAT A DUMB MISTAKE) 4. We kept calling and calling and calling and their VP Annie kept trying to avoid our calls. We weren’t yelling we just wanted a refund back because as a company they failed to meet the demand of the customers. 5. They didn’t listen and sent our shirts back to us again and the font color for the shirts were WRONG!!!!


  25. Nick Stone
    Nick Stone at | | Reply

    After reading all these reviews, I was afraid of ordering from Wordans.
    But I wanted the shirt so badly, I did it anyways.
    And it wasn’t bad at all…I got it in 4 days, the shirt turned out just as I wanted it.
    There’s nothing missing, no wrong colors, no mistake.
    It was very pricey though, but I’m happy. (:

  26. Rob
    Rob at | | Reply

    Add me to the list of ticked customers. I ordered bulk tshirts 2 months ago. They came quickly, but there were made WRONG. They stuck the logo on the BELLY. Who puts a logo on the belly???

    I emailed them about it multiple times, getting no help and rarely a response from a CS agent ‘Arthur’. It has now been 2 months and I have no shirts and they aren’t responding to me. I am currently waiting on hold for the last 35 minutes. AS IF they are that busy. They’re a T-shirt company, not Telus.

    So basically, you got my money, and now you don’t care about the customer?
    Brutal service. I will never order from you, and I will caution anybody to stay away from you.

  27. Nathalie
    Nathalie at | | Reply

    And you can add me to the list of dissatisfied customers. I am not a retailer, just a customer who wanted to print 2 customised t-shirts (but don’t know where else to report my rant). I am going to share part 1 of my story and then will write part 2 when the order comes through, so you can all have something to look forward to.

    When I ordered from them only 3 days ago, I ordered from, I thought I was ordering from a company in my own country. Everything on the site indicates it is a Swiss company. They mention Swiss postal service with the logo, they mention how they can deliver to Zürich, Geneva etc.. in 3 days, free delivery too, but yeah there are no business addresses and normally I don’t like ordering when a site doesn’t have a business registered address. I didn’t check the company out because I really thought it was a true .ch website. I normally check reviews a lot.

    Anyway, after I placed my order I get the invoice with a Canadian address o_O, I immediately send an email and ask them are the goods being sent from Canada ? Because if yes I want to cancel the order or I will have to pay customers (about 50$), anything shipped to Switzerland goes through customs. They didn’t reply, I sent a second email next day asking to absolutely answer my question, and no reply, then I discovered this blog, if only I had done my usual research. If they don’t reply that must mean they are shipping from Canada. This will take weeks

    For the first 3 days the order was saying “pending” and since I knew by today I was never going to get my money back I asked them why it was still pending and they said it was now going to production and will be sent Friday (tomorrow). At this stage I have decided to cut my losses, I already know the t-shirts will be crap, I don’t even want to look at them, I will get my husband to open them and if he says “oh my god” then I’ll know and he can just chuck them in the recycle thing. Now come to think of it I read some of their terms and conditions afterwards (when it was too late) and I must say the French is not all that commercial, I find it very informal for legal terms and conditions.

    I know I am losing probably about 120$ (with tax) but I have spent tens of thousands on internet shopping in the last 15 years, including ordering custom made hand painted furniture from the USA to be shipped to Europe, big risk there – am a huge on-line consumer, even when online shopping was not “true” online back then and really I don’t think I’ve ever lost money or got ripped off or nothing significant enough to remember.

    They pretend to be based in many other European countries but being in Switzerland is the worst because of the tax thing, I pay tax a lot on stuff but I know that I have ordered abroad and that I will pay tax, in this case, I can get t-shirts from anywhere so there was no reason for me to pay tax on such basic items. This should be illegal somehow, but it probably isn’t and they know it and get away with it. It may not be illegal but it is damn well dishonest. How can it be legal to buy domains from various countries to pretend to operate from those and use logos for stuff ??? I would call this a scam but I wouldn’t have a clue where to report this, I don’t know who to contact in Switzerland because the internet fraud companies are all for USA UK etc… but could not find anything for a Switzerland issue. And those internet consumer places are not going to be interested in scams here.

    I really urge people not to use this company, and even less anyone from Europe (if they think they are dealing with a company of their own country).

    Since then I finally found a t-shirt printing company in Switzerland with physical shops too and the order system seemed a bit more professional. Unfortunately because of ranking when doing searches on google, all those bad companies get to the top. I will be very careful, more than before, normally no one rips ME off. !!!!

    Back for part two in errrrr mmmmm sometime

  28. joseph dipilanga
    joseph dipilanga at | | Reply

    people talk too much, wordans is a great place for bisness. i never had any problem with them.

  29. Nathalie
    Nathalie at | | Reply

    So here is part 2 of my story which I started above. The t-shirts arrived. I did get an email to say they would reimburse me if tax was applied, luckily the parcel went through unnoticed at the customs, this is generally a pot luck thing.

    The t-shirts were maybe not as bad as expected but I must say they’re not great, don’t like the thin almost see through quality of the material, I also notice some shinyness as if a hot iron had stayed on too long so you see those shiney areas. Maybe they will go with the washing. The design itself didn’t work great, on the edges it’s a tiny bit jagged. Had ordered new ones from a company from my own country and these are really nice.. not cheap, but price was not a factor… but not much more expensive that those ones for twice or more the quality

    Anyway they’re not good enough that I’d want to re-use the company, but at least they are good enough to give away to friends….

  30. Robert
    Robert at | | Reply

    I started a shop with Wordans over a year ago and had about 59 pages of designs and was selling. All of a sudden all my designs were no longer on the MP although they had all been approved many a year or more ago. My sales obviously stopped. I have never been paid for what I had coming and after 19 emails 10 messages with their FB moderator saying sorry over and over and someone would get back to me. I got a pat reply that not all designs are approved. What???? They were already approved. After 3 months of trying to get someone to help me I removed all my designs.

    So you owe me money you ruined hundreds of hours of my work and time, and what is up with never answering your emails? I make over 3,000 a month at another POD so its really is your loss but you still owe me my money,. And I cannot say enough to anyone who is thinking about opening a store with you but RUN AWAY…

    I am actually embarrased for this company.

  31. SydneyPrinter
    SydneyPrinter at | | Reply


    Terrible customer service.

    They printed some caps for me but they were mistakenly sent by sea (instead of by air) to Australia. They’re now set to arrive 2 months after the event for which they were printed.

    They did nothing to track the caps. I rang them every day for a week without any action from them. Eventually I had to ring Canada Post to find out where they where.

    They admitted they should not have been sent by sea but refused to refund me. Not a way to treat a customer who was poorly served. Find someone else to do your printing.

  32. Jackie
    Jackie at | | Reply

    Worst of the worst. They also deleted my store no notice said they only now keep items that sell. It takes time to get your products out there and promoted to keep what sells is ass backwards business.

    I am also owed money no response to dozens of inquiries. Sadly all the POds are ripoffs they may start off like gangbusters but end up exploiting you to get rich then throw you to the lions by reducing royalties and add their own designs and vendors or promote create your own so they can keep all or most of the profits you use to get with other means.

    A POD that would listen to use seasoned shopkeepers could make a lot of money and everyone reap the rewards but greed always prevails. I belong to 10 PODs and make with all of them what I was making at Zazzle until their rightr before the holiday screw. Do not take any of these seriously. As far as affiliates I just do not see that anymore as something worth exploring again Zazzle took away thousands a month in volume bonuses and some affilates have lost hgh 5 digit earnings almost overnight….

  33. Rodrigo Fuentes
    Rodrigo Fuentes at | | Reply

    It seems like a lot of people have had issues with Wordans, but I’ve bought shirts from them several times without too many issues. I can’t speak for their POD platform as I’m not a retailer, but I’ve never run into the disastrous customer service I hear mentioned here. Last time I ordered (January,) they even helped me out by rushing my order because I needed it for a birthday. I had to pay like, $20 for shipping but I got the shirts on time and the shirts looked great.

  34. Robert
    Robert at | | Reply

    I have been with Wordans for now going on two years and they are just awful. They do not seem to care at all for the people who are making them money (the artists). I have run a form for POD owners now for years and know a lot of people and not one of them has much good to say about Wordans

    They have no system for payment for your earnings my pay is months due yet still shows pending. They will not answer their emails and refuse to fix problems or take any suggestions even from seasoned veterans of the POD world as myself. Not very smart or proffesional business owners.

    Worse is they just do not care. thier answers if you get one are generic auto responders no human will work with you. they are not worth the hassel or trustworthy of your artwork, I have also heard many people complain they refuse to remove their artwork when they want their accounts closed.

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