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  1. me
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    the guy who wrote this talks sh*T!!!!!

  2. Jonny
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    Old article, but I guess still somewhat up to date.
    I disagree that Liam could be criticized here.
    When Liam says he doesn’t want to rip anyone off, he seems to want to say that he didnt get a 7 digit number to put a name on some crap.
    Instead he is part of the designing process and can actually do what he likes and then the stuff gets on the streets.
    I doubt that he has much to do with the business part, you need professionals for that who know the necessities to succeed in the market.
    A lot of mouths want to be fed and it’s basically a shark tank out there with all the discount products.
    You see, I have no insight on how and where he has his clothes made.
    And I dont think you have and I dont know where you live for sure, but since you compare it to $, I guess you live in the US.
    In Europe 40 Pounds (48€) is not expensive for a “designer” shirt.
    You pay 25 bucks for any ordinary white shirt with a logo from adidas..
    Yes you can get crappy shirts at H&M for 5 bucks, but frankly, you likely have blood on your hands if you buy those.
    How do you think someone makes shirts that sell for 5 bucks, or 20 bucks, and still have a profit after taxes?
    Remember many people want their share and production costs are high in western nations.
    So a cheap shirt has to be produced in China, Bangladesh, India, you name it.
    And if you don’t know how people fabricate shirts and other clothes: Get informed it’s all public.
    People dying the cotton for example are exposed to highly poisonous chemicals, and by exposed I mean they are standing in the dye!
    And they earn just enough not to starve.
    How much do you think is the salary of a woman that sews in a chinese factory?
    Do you where Sneakers?
    Nike? Puma? Adidas?
    A pair of sneakers includes about 2 $ labor cost. And I dont have to tell you how much you pay for them.
    Now, I’m not saying Liam is an hippie who cares for nothing but the environment or the rights of the working class.
    But without even knowing how a certain company has its shirts produced chances of it being somewhat responsible rise enormously the more you spend on the shirt(exception could be EdHardy apparently).
    I have recently read a thorough article on that and seen a documentary about it unfortunately all german, I guess you don’t speak it.
    Again, 48€for a shirt is not a lot considering it’s a brand name.
    And shirts aren’t really the only example you can focus on, have a look on other stuff he has out.
    Prices are reasonable.
    The shoes aren’t the cheapest, but you can get them starting at about 120€ and that’s normal for clarks unfortunately.
    After all you’re very biased and it can’t have much to do with his clothing line.
    Just take your last sentence for example, do you really want to bust his balls because he says he isn’t doing it for anyone else?
    That’s like common language for saying you’re doing what you like to do without selling out, and if people like it great if not, well then they don’t.
    I mean you know what that idiom means, so it’s pretty weird to take it out of the context like you did.

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