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I am the Tee Reviewer. I go by several names such as deadhippo and Rude Retro but whatever you decide to call me, I will still be the Tee Reviewer. I also run the Shirt List which has the most and the best t-shirt lists as well as providing free promotion for t-shirt stores! Check it out.

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  1. Hrvoje S.
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    Dear Tee Reviewer,
    Thank you so much for your review, we loved it!
    So here is our response to what you have said. Right now we are in process of optimization our business. As a result of that, prices of products will go down, while keeping the same quality! Even thought, considering the fact that we have free shipping all over the world (unlike many companies) prices are not that high, right? We are going to emphasize the most important value of our brand, which is buying custom-made t-shirts, made by kids. We definitely agree with you about that. But also, we don’t believe that only parents are willing to buy their kids drawings. Some people actually love this kind of design, where there are no perfect lines and faces and it all looks like somebody just dropped bunch of crayons. It all depends on people’s taste, we guess.
    Anyway, thank you once again for giving us your opinion, it’s honest, objective and we appreciate it very much!


  2. Aj Zafar
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    really love the design, thanks for sharing.

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