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  1. Eric Goodwin
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    This really is a beautiful print! I’m thinking about buying the shirt myself, having seen it on the symbolika site before coming across your review. To understand the design, check out the documentary “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” on youtube and research other DMT imagery. Essentially, it is a chemical found naturally within most plants, but specifically in ayahuasca, aka “the vine of the soul,” that when smoked or drank as a brew (especially in the Amazon), brings you into a visionary state filled with kaleidoscopic, geometric visuals (as the universe is fractal and geometric in nature) and gives you an out-of-body experience along with a journey into another realm or dimension wherein spirits communicate with you, the ego dissolves, and a sense of peaceful unity is bestowed upon the participant, forever after transforming the individual into a more spiritual and transcendent being. This is all best understood from experience, of course. Hope that helps you understand the brilliance of this design!

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