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  1. The Spotted Olive
    The Spotted Olive at | | Reply

    Great post. All very good and valid suggestions. And I couldn’t agree more, tracking is number 1 item that needs to be addressed!

    The Spotted Olive

  2. Kerry
    Kerry at | | Reply

    They need to introduce the ability to link all your shops together.

    It makes sense all the way around. Not only is is easier for the contributor who has multiple galleries to be able to combine all their earnings, see all their reports in one place, have just one set of images and not have to keep logging in and out of different accounts, but…

    it makes sense for Zazzle too. Think of the impact on their servers if people who have multiple galleries and use the same images at more than one could only have to upload it once and not 2, 3 or more times. Also, from an accounting stand point, for shops that don’t do a big business they have to carry over small amounts for months sometimes. If it was combined they could do away with a lot of those tiny amounts and keep their accounts more current.

  3. azac
    azac at | | Reply

    All very good points, especially about tracking and the image tags. I have never understood why we tag the product and not the image. Very big waste of time and effort. Does having the favourites option turned on count as a leak?

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