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  1. Duane
    Duane at | | Reply

    I want to say that’s Dickens right behind Shakespeare. And is the gruff looking older gentleman, right to the left of the scared victim, Mark Twain?

  2. matt
    matt at | | Reply

    i believe that is frederick douglass two people left of shakespeare. and, this could be a leap, but kafka to the left of poe?

  3. Christopher Cocca
    Christopher Cocca at | | Reply

    Joseph Conrad is to the left of Shakespeare (to the right of Douglass. To the left of Douglass is Francis Bacon.
    That may or may not be Hemingway on the far right. Might be one of the Russians.

  4. Christopher Cocca
    Christopher Cocca at | | Reply

    and between Shakespeare and Hemingway (?) is definitely Oscar Wilde.

  5. Rapidal
    Rapidal at | | Reply

    I found a full list of all the authors on the Threadless website, posted by the creator of the shirt:

    Okay… Due to popular demand, a list of the authors depicted.
    To be fair, there are a bit more than twenty:

    In the foreground:
    -Jack Jerouac
    (from left to right:)
    -James Joyce
    -Charles Dickens
    -Edgar Allen Poe
    -Robert L. Stevenson
    -George Eliot (tiny head on Jane Austen’s left shoulder)
    -Jane Austen
    -Leo Tolstoy
    -Kurt Vonnegut
    -Ernest Hemingway
    -Mark Twain
    -Henry James
    -Jules Verne
    -Fredrick Douglas
    -Joseph Conrad
    -William Shakespeare
    -John Steinbeck
    -Lewis Carroll (or sub in: Oscar Wilde since they look insanely alike)
    -Henry David Thoreau
    -Charlotte Bronte
    -William Faulkner

    Have fun finding them 🙂

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