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In a previous post I said that Cafepress told me they would give some answers to the burning questions you had about Infinistitch. The answers finally came today but unfortunately most of them were “We can’t tell you”. Here is the body of the email I received:

The InfiniStitch technology is a new and patent pending – thus the exact method we use to create the finished product is proprietary. New technology like InfiniStitch can be tricky – on one hand we want to tell the world how excited we are about what we’ve created and explain just how we make it happen – on the other hand we have to be mindful of how much of the “secret sauce” recipe we disclose publicly.

Unfortunately, the answers to both of your questions (thread and stitch specifics) reveal a bit more about the technology than we’re able to disclose.

While we’re not able to disclose the exact methods we use, I can tell you that the stitching is applied directly to the product itself. We think it’s important to point out that InfiniStitch is not the same as traditional embroidery, it’s an alternative that offers many advantages (affordable in a one-off manner, accepts almost any image, can accommodate unlimited colors, gradients and photo real images).

We’re about 3 weeks into this product launch and we couldn’t be happier with the results – Shopkeepers have created over 70,000 new products, and sales are looking great! And, consumer reaction has been positive, many consumers have said they’d have to examine the product pretty carefully (get really close) to recognize the difference between InfiniStitch and traditional embroidery.

OK, so we didn’t really learn anything from their reply than the fact that they can’t tell us much, but does it really matter? Cafepress people can’t complain if they are selling them. If the customers are happy the shopkeepers will be happy. I think genuine embroidery is different enough that Infinistitch won’t affect sales to a noticeable degree. To be honest though, I am pretty tired of this whole Infinistitch talk and after I review the items I receive I probably won’t mention it again (unless there is a new development).

On a positive note though, Cafepress has updated its Infinistitch tutorial page which includes some real examples that will help you make better designs. Good luck and happy selling.

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