My Parents never taught me Arabic

My friend just sent me a link to this t-shirt. I don’t think he even knows I keep a t-shirt blog but I know why he sent it to me. My friend was born in Montreal and so can speak French and English and he studied Spanish in school and university so isn’t to bad at that either. He also speaks Arabic. He told me that when he was young his relative gave him a Nintendo and he loved that machine. Played it whenever he could. Evenings, weekends and holidays, he plonked himself down in front of the TV and he and the console went at it.

One day his father came in and put three text books down in front of him; a Chinese text, a Japanese text and an Arabic text. He was told to choose one. He chose Arabic and that was what he had study from then on. No more Nintendo.

My Parents Never Taught Me Arabic Shirt at TopatoCo
My Parents Never Taught Me Arabic Shirt at TopatoCo

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