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I am the Tee Reviewer. I go by several names such as deadhippo and Rude Retro but whatever you decide to call me, I will still be the Tee Reviewer. I also run the Shirt List which has the most and the best t-shirt lists as well as providing free promotion for t-shirt stores! Check it out.

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    “My name is Anwar Madrigal and this entry is to make clear that I have NOT given written permission to “” to use my art in any way shape or form. My art can be used only with written permission once I have received proper compensation. Otherwise all of my art HAS to be removed from this website and/or blog. Also the so called exclusive “Autopot” t shirt is MY work, MY design and was used without written permission. The date and time and content of this entry will be used legally if “” does not comply. (June 25th, 2011_9:22am)”

Please comment with your real name using good manners.

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