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I am the Tee Reviewer. I go by several names such as deadhippo and Rude Retro but whatever you decide to call me, I will still be the Tee Reviewer. I also run the Shirt List which has the most and the best t-shirt lists as well as providing free promotion for t-shirt stores! Check it out.

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  1. Bayside TIgers
    Bayside TIgers at | | Reply

    Very stylish shirt. We may need something similar for our team.

  2. Charles
    Charles at | | Reply

    I bit, and got bitten. The shipping was a bit high ($20 for 10 shirts) but I pulled the trigger anyway thinking what the hell, they’re $5 shirts (when you buy 10). It took 3 weeks to ship, they completely screwed up my order, and their customer service is non-existent (by phone or email). To turn a couple of clichés, you get what you pay for (not this time), and if it is too good to be true, it most definitely is.

    1. Rod Bleckstyne
      Rod Bleckstyne at | | Reply

      EXACTLY! 6 Dollar Shirts absolutely “Will Not” respond or reply to any of your emails or phone calls! They have “ZERO” Customer Service…so take your chances dealing with or giving any of your money to these ignorant creeps!

      1. harrison ford
        harrison ford at | | Reply

        Oddly enough, if you contact them by facebook, you can usually get things sorted out. Probably because t’s public, and they don’t want the bad rep of people complaining on their opage, with no reply.

  3. Gulfer
    Gulfer at | | Reply

    They screw you on shipping for a 6 dollar shirt. They wanted $9.85 to send me one 6 dollar shirt. I would stay away from any company that ask for all your info and then tells you how much they charge to ship.

  4. frambiscuits
    frambiscuits at | | Reply

    i bought 6 shirts from them a few weeks ago. They sent to my billing address instead of my shipping address which I put in correctly. Finally when I figured out their mistake I went over to my old house only to find an empty bad. I contacted them and they said…Sorry. That’s it. Obviously I couldn’t put my current address as my billing address as my card wouldn’t have even charged.
    I explained to them I was going to wear one of their shirts on a Bravo network show I was going to be on and they really didn’t care.
    Now tomorrow we are going to LA Hollywood for a recording deal for my band. I can tell you that when we really start to get noticed around the country, 6 dollar shirt will not have a good name after I am done.

    1. RTC
      RTC at | | Reply

      Hey frambiscuits, did you tell them about the investigation they put on your package? How they made a false order just to prove that billing/shipping address cannot be mixed in the system? How they tried to bend the rules to replace your order? Tell the whole story.

      1. Raven
        Raven at | | Reply

        Wow… that response just showed me that I want nothing to do with finishing the 10 t-shirt order I was about to put in. Snarky customer service who would rather hunt the internet to respond to blogs rather than fixing a customer’s problem is a sign of a company that I want nothing to do with. Thank you for showing us all what you are all about.

    2. Krystal
      Krystal at | | Reply

      They did the same thing to me!!!! They swear that I put the wrong address but I even have proof because I paid through paypal and paypal has the correct shipping address I used when I purchased the shirt. It’s ridiculous! Good luck with your band btw. =D

  5. Chuck
    Chuck at | | Reply

    Unlike others that commented here… they actually got my order right. Too bad all the designs came off after 2 washes. I would never buy from this company again.

    1. Ryan
      Ryan at | | Reply

      I picked up the mario/zombies shirt, and the zombies were gone after 2 washes (shirt was inside out, cold water, delicate cycle).

      Any negative reviews posted on the site are pruned very quickly. Guess you get what you pay for.

      1. Laura
        Laura at | | Reply

        I am very upset with the 6 dollar shirts website. I ordered 3 weeks ago and in the mean time have ordered from 4 other websites online. I have recieved allready 3 out of the 4 other online orders placed. I emailed 6 dollar… but have recieved no response. I call and get a regular dial tone and am unable to leave a message, complete bullsh*t. Almost a month and no signs my order will be shipped. 🙁 $70 gone down the drain.

        1. Noora
          Noora at | | Reply

          @Laura the same exact thing happened to me! I ordered 11 shirts and never recieved them! I called my bank and told them I was robbed and my bank is doing their investigtion now

  6. CSR Matt
    CSR Matt at | | Reply

    Its disturbing to see these things going on at a company I thought was honorable. Even at 6 bucks a shirt, there is some money to be made at that level WITHOUT taking away from product quality and level of service if you manage your resources well enough.

  7. Mr.DontEffinWorryBoutit
    Mr.DontEffinWorryBoutit at | | Reply


  8. Mr.DontEffinWorryBoutit
    Mr.DontEffinWorryBoutit at | | Reply

    i meant it takes me to that crappy 6dollarshirts bullshit site

  9. Tony
    Tony at | | Reply

    I have ordered from 6 dollar T-shirts twice and did not have any major issues. The only complaint that I could think of is that they do not use the same brand of t-shirts for all their prints. So a medium on one print is a slightly different size on a medium of another print.

  10. Really?
    Really? at | | Reply

    That’s crazy. I ordered 10 shirts from them last year. I got everything I ordered and they were exactly as advertised with the exception of one shirt being bright red instead of the deep red that was listed, which was no big deal. I have worn and washed (inside-out, on the warm/cold heavy duty cycle) those 10 shirts pretty much continually this whole time, they still fit great and the only print that washed off was some fine script that wore away over time in a totally-expected fashion. I’ve liked them so much, in fact, that I just ordered 10 more. I guess I’ll see what happens when they show up in a couple of days, but I have had no problems thus far.

  11. kent
    kent at | | Reply

    Anyone have a number for their customer service? Cannot find it anywhere and have not heard anything about an order other than the money coming out of my account.

    1. Really?
      Really? at | | Reply
      112 SW 6th St.
      Gainesville, Florida 32601
      United States
      (352) 371-6536

      I still didn’t have any problems with this last order. They arrived on time, they were as advertised and exactly what I ordered, and the print has held up through several washes all ready. Fyi ladies, the white girly shirts *are* almost completely see-thru so you’ll need to wear an undershirt, but… that’s about it.

  12. Diego
    Diego at | | Reply

    Yeah I ordered 20 shirts from six dollar shirts about two months ago (10 of my choice and 10 mystery shirts). Never ordered from them before, but a friend recommended it.

    It took about two weeks from the order date to get to my house (west coast). Total was about $100 including shipping – that’s $5 a shirt, cheaper than Ross or TJ Maxx!

    I actually like a lot of my random mystery shirts better than the ones I picked out for myself.

    My mystery shirts were:

    * Jesus riding dinosaur (white/blue print on green shirt)
    * Mask of Tutankhamen (yellow on blue)
    * Tiger wearing headphones (black on orange)
    * Fake tuxedo (white on black)
    * George washington as wolverine (white on dark blue)
    * “Cool story bro” text (white on grey)
    * Honey badger don’t care (black on sand brown)
    * “F*** yea” from rage comics (says “f*** yea” with stick figure, black and red on blue)
    * The classic recycling triangle symbol (white on green)
    * A trippy alice in wonderland sketch (black pencil-drawing lines on white shirt)

    All of my shirts were printed on Anvil brand t-shirts. Surprised at the quality of the shirts – good quality, as good as any of my other t-shirts (that I have paid a lot more for, at concerts etc.). Good stitching.

    The prints have held up well so far, but have only had about 5-10 washings each. If you are smart, you wash you all your clothes – especially printed t-shirts – with them INSIDE OUT, and on COLD water wash. Your clothes will last WAY longer that way. If you really want them to last, do cold water wash, inside out, and then hang them to dry instead of using the dryer. Avoid fabric softener as it breaks down the fibers in the shirt and makes them wear out faster.

    Also, they will seem huge when you get them, but wash them once and they will shrink up to the right size. I’m a mens medium, and I was like, holy crap, these will be the baggiest mens mediums in the land. After a wash though, they are hipster-level tight – revealing for my skinny hipster muscles. If I was a fatter dude though, I would get a large or extra-large to hide my fat rolls though. So take your physique into account – they are designed to fit fairly close to your body, so you may want to get a larger size than normal.

  13. Chad
    Chad at | | Reply

    I ordered 10 shirts from them as well, they got the order correct and after washing them normally on warm and throwing them in the dryer more than 20 times with fabric softener the prints/designs/material are still holding up nicely.

  14. hayley
    hayley at | | Reply

    I ordered the 10 for $50 deal and although they mixed up one of the shirts-The order is perfect. i contacted them thru email last night and today they responded telling me to keep the mix up and that they are sending me the correct shirt for free. 🙂 I am very happy with this website. At first I thought it was too good to be true…

  15. Gainesvillain
    Gainesvillain at | | Reply

    Threadpit is still open. In fact they just bought a building that houses a flea market, and they have pulled the carpet out from under hundreds of Gainesvillains putting them out of business, with nowhere to go. They will be opening up there new factory in may or june 2013.

  16. jeremiah
    jeremiah at | | Reply

    I recently received 3 shirts that I ordered from 6 dollar shirts. though to be honest I thought the shipping a bit high, that is often the case. I did send an email to customer service asking about my order status, I got a response the next day and they followed up with my tracking info when my order shipped. I got the right product and they are high quality shirts. I have seen a lot of bad press about them but I will definitely be doing business with them again n the future.

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