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  1. Karla
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    The Shipping page says 24 hour shipping, so, despite the £7 shipping cost (for a mug, and no, it wasn’t gold plated), I paid it as I couldn’t find the product anywhere else.

    4 days later I get an email to say my product has been shipped.

    I waited a week then checked the email again and followed the tracking number to see that “standard” delivery is 5 to 12 business days. 5 TO 12 BUSINESS DAYS! So, my £7 got me 16 business day delivery.

    That’s 3 weeks for £7.

    A product ordered on the 6th of December might not even arrive in time for Christmas.

    On contacting customer help desk with my complaint about their fraudulent shipping page, was told, “thanks for your feedback, I’ll pass it on to the shipping department”.


    Will never ever use this company again.

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