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I am the Tee Reviewer. I go by several names such as deadhippo and Rude Retro but whatever you decide to call me, I will still be the Tee Reviewer. I also run the Shirt List which has the most and the best t-shirt lists as well as providing free promotion for t-shirt stores! Check it out.

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  1. Eric Paulen
    Eric Paulen at | | Reply

    Great article-thanks!!!

  2. Thomas /
    Thomas / at | | Reply

    Great list – great job! Thanks!

  3. Anony Mized
    Anony Mized at | | Reply

    Great list, thanks!

    The only thing that would have been great is the legal rights and re-use info for these contests if your design is chosen (and even if it’s not in some cases).

  4. Paula
    Paula at | | Reply

    College District has a Submit Your Own Design project that pays $250 for each design printed, plus a $2 residual per t-shirt sold.

  5. Tilteed
    Tilteed at | | Reply

    Nice list! I’m in the business and have trouble keeping up with all of them.

    I think at this point, we’re no longer the ‘new kids.’ 9 months is like 52 years in online t-shirt contest years, eh?

  6. Barbara Sanchez
    Barbara Sanchez at | | Reply

    There’s a new site that just launched called They have a free t-shirt design contest. Each week, they announce a new theme called “category of the week.” Designers can submit their artwork fitting the theme. If your creation is one of the top 4 designs or the staff pick, it will be printed. Winners will receive $500 plus an additional $1 for every shirt sold.

  7. vivien
    vivien at | | Reply

    Miink (My ink)
    Brazil based website in Portuguese.
    Prize: R$2000 in credit since 2008!!

  8. Thiago Vieira
    Thiago Vieira at | | Reply

    Thanks a lot! You made a great favor for all those who designs t-shirts!

  9. Boots
    Boots at | | Reply
    Weekly Themed Contest with 2 $500 winners every week (+ commisions and store credit)
    They also partner with Charities and hold ongoing shirt design contests for them.

  10. Asterios Dangas
    Asterios Dangas at | | Reply

    Here is the first Greek Tee Design Contest. It´s based on the Facebook pages of Greek Shirts and T-Shirt Stamp. The whole contest (submissions, approval and voting) is only at these pages. Both Contest themes are Slogan Type Tees with only one ink color. It´s the first attempt to establish something like that in Greece.

    Greek Shirts

    T-Shirt Stamp

  11. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    Pretty new online Tee shirt design shop, still going after a couple of months. We offer a limited run of only 250 numbered shirts of any one design. The designer can win up to $1,000.00 NZD if their shirt sells the full 250. Its nice to give back to the design comunity, we all know who hard it is or can be to make ends meet so we hope this helps a bit. getting some cool designs up but still after more as always.
    Go check it out and see what you all think.

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